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We have been designing and maintaining plugins for over 7 years, yet we are still hyped about producing new amazing content for Bukkit servers.

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We have an active Discord community with thousands of users and full-fledged documentation for our plugins. We guarantee high quality support.

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We understand the need for modularity with public Bukkit plugins and put emphasis on making our plugins compatible with the most popular resources.

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The plugin is awesome, the support is offered if you verify your purchase, as a way of encouraging the developers to keep going. The plugin has an amazing API, and I always tell people its the best item plugin out there, because it truely is that. I have made epic setups with the vast amount of customization that can be accomplished, and I encourage anyone with motivation to make great items and more to buy it.


I personally use this together with DungeonsXL and MythicMobs and people have been enjoying it.. ALOT! We have healers, debuffers, mages, warriors, tankers, nukers, etc etc! It's either ganging up on boss monsters, or just good old Guild Wars! It's all in your fingertips as long as you know what you want to make!


This plugin changed my life. [...] I had come across this one when it was a part of the MythicMobs collection, and I was enthralled. It took many months of configuration and setup to get it looking the way I want, but oh my, once u get it setup, only the sky is the limit. This plugin is truly powerful, flexible, and a must-have for any RPG server.


Overall, MMOCore and the MMO family of plugins are a must have for anyone who wants to fully customize their server to be exactly how they want and have their own unique take on an MMO world getting away from the myriad of other cookie cutter MMO servers there are out there.